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November 14, 2023

In 2022, ModeOne Technologies, a leader in smartphone data discovery, introduced a patented SaaS Framework for litigation, compliance, and investigation purposes.

ModeOne exists to make it easy, fast, secure, and economical for corporations, their outside counsel, and services partners to collect relevant data for litigation, compliance, and investigation purposes.  At the same time, ModeOne has equally considered and addressed the unique concerns of data custodians, including protecting their personal data/privacy and minimizing (or eliminating) any inconvenience throughout the process.

The global legal community has taken notice of the positive impact ModeOne has had on what many lawyers and forensics experts claim has been among the most challenging and frustrating areas of the eDiscovery process for many years.

“ModeOne’s personnel and its unique mobile data collection solution provide numerous benefits, but two stand above the rest. First, targeted data collection eases custodians’ and counsel’s concerns about over-collection. Second, the targeted and remote collections reduce cost, and just as importantly, they expedite our time to review the data, often allowing our case teams to start putting eyes on documents within 24 hours after if not on the same day of collection.” -– Tye Burger, Esq., Senior eDiscovery Manager at Spencer Fane LLP

ModeOne was founded by Matt Rasmussen to streamline and expedite the collection process for attorneys and their clients AND address the concerns of data custodians. Rasmussen’s colleague, Ryan Frye, often speaks about the industry’s need to address “custodian friction.” For years, technology simply didn’t exist to make mobile device data collection a positive experience for custodians, attorneys, or services providers. For custodians, concerns about privacy invasion, separation from their phones for days or even weeks, and the inconvenience created by the use of physical collection kits and/or visits at their home or office by forensics examiners has many times led attorneys and judges to decide NOT to collect possibly responsive data stored on cell phones. “If it’s too burdensome, let’s not do it.”

“Thanks to ModeOne, we can collect with less strain on a custodian. The custodians never have to be without their devices. They don’t have to worry about them being locked in a lab,” said Andrew Meinheit, Digital Forensics Examiner at Complete Legal.

From its inception, because its senior leadership team previously worked with scores of data custodians who were visibly (and vocally) unhappy with privacy concerns and life/work disruption caused by the inefficiency of phone data collections, ModeOne has been committed to developing technology and processes to make the experience seamless and positive for clients AND custodians. Why can’t everyone involved be satisfied (or even happy)!

To this end, there are several ways that ModeOne addresses the concerns of the data custodian:

  1. Targeted collections focus on acquisition of responsive business information and protect the custodian’s personal data and privacy.
  2. ModeOne delivers through a truly remote SaaS framework and does not require a physical collection kit or onsite personnel to complete the collection of relevant data. Custodians will never have to receive, set-up, re-package, or return add-on equipment. Nor will they need to “host” forensics professionals they don’t even know at their home or office.
  3. The custodian never has to turn over her/his phone or even be away from it. In fact, with ModeOne, custodians can continue to use their phones while the collection is in progress.

“The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.” – Sean Gerety

ModeOne’s revolutionary innovations have made smartphone data discovery fast, easy, scalable, global, affordable, and secure, among other attributes. But above all else, it has created thousands of positive experiences to date for clients, partners, and yes, data custodians.

For more information, visit www.modeone.io or contact ModeOne at Info@modeone.io.