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It’s Time to Ditch the Collection Kit!

Remote, Same-Day Service for Legal Hold, Corporate Compliance, and Internal Investigations.

Our patented SaaS framework offers the first and only truly remote solution for same-day collection of targeted data from Apple iOS and Android mobile devices for evidentiary, compliance, and investigation purposes. Anywhere in the world. Without the need for a physical collection kit or onsite forensics personnel.

Global.  Remote.  Targeted.  Scalable.  Secure.  Fast.  Affordable.

ModeOne and Complete Legal Partnership Success Story: Remote Mobile Phone Data Collection from Six Workers in One Day

A Complete Legal client recently called with a request to collect data from the cell phones of six custodians who worked in the field at multiple locations across the metro area.  To perform this service using traditional forensics tools and processes, a forensics...

Smartphones Contain a Treasure Trove of Data for Litigation, Compliance, and Investigation Purposes

A version of this article first appeared September 15th, 2023, on JD Supra. In today’s digital age, mobile devices have become an integral part of our business and personal lives, and they more and more play a crucial role in legal hold, corporate governance, and...

Mississippi State Agency Blows the Whistle on Brett Favre’s Failure to Disclose Text Messages

By Jason Purviance, Chief Information Officer Discovering text messages on smartphones is a standard part of civil and criminal litigation for the parties to secure evidence supporting their trial strategy. In a case involving a scheme to divert federal welfare money...

ModeOne Announces Release of Android Version 2.0

Game-Changing SaaS Framework Expedites Remote, Same Day Data Collection from Android Mobile Devices Worldwide

SEC Fines Wall Street Firms $289M for ‘Off-Channel’ Recordkeeping

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged 11 Wall Street firms with failures to maintain and preserve electronic communications. The firms, including Wells Fargo Securities ($125M) and BNP Paribas Securities ($38M), admitted the facts and acknowledged that their...

Picture Perfect Deception: Deepfake Images’ Impact on Mobile Device Discovery

A version of this article first appeared July 28th, 2023, on JD Supra. Deepfake images stored on cell phones can have significant implications for eDiscovery. Let’s examine some ways in which they may impact litigation, corporate compliance, and investigation...

Exterro and ModeOne Announce Global Strategic Partnership

Agreement Enables Exterro’s Customers Immediate Access to ModeOne’s Patented SaaS Framework, the Only Solution to Deliver Truly Remote, Targeted, Same-Day Smartphone Collections at Scale

Examining the Impact of Generative AI on Litigation

With a keen eye on the future, ModeOne is exploring innovative ways to leverage AI technology in the area of short messaging and chat data analytics.

The Challenge of Smartphone Data in eDiscovery: Why Targeted Collection is Crucial

The digital age has brought about a transformation in the way evidence is collected and managed.

Protecting Client Data: Security Features to Look for in a Mobile Device Collection Tool

Data security should be a primary focus of a tool used to collect data from mobile devices for eDiscovery or investigations. A security protocol based on a security and privacy framework helps provide assurances.

What We Do

ModeOne is a self-service (SaaS) framework which empowers our clients to easily manage case facts and obtain and analyze vital evidence stored on smartphone and short-message chat applications using our automated, defensible, secure, and cost-certain workflow.






We offer the litigation profession’s first automated, fully remote data acquisition service with global reach. Now you can acquire your data 25x faster than traditional, labor-intensive collection processes at any time of day and anywhere the device is situated.






You’ll save time and money by collecting only the application data you need, and protect custodian privacy by excluding personal data such as photos, notes, and emails.






Collected data will be available for analysis within hours of the collection, not the customary days or weeks. Parties can respond to inquiries on an expedited basis and with a clear understanding of case facts to meet strict deadlines.






Flat-fee per unit and volume-based subscription fees provide our clients with full budgetary visibility, allowing them to manage case budgets with cost-certainty.






Human Resources, Regulatory, Compliance, and Internal Affairs professionals require short-message data to help them resolve employment issues, satisfy compliance requirements, and assist with internal investigations easily and cost-effectively.






Our team has over 90 years of experience in eDiscovery and litigation technology with particular expertise in enterprise data security, evidence management, and digital forensics.

Customer Testimonials


Wow!!! I love how fast and intuitive ModeOne’s SaaS framework is!!! Both from a usability perspective and the actual deliverable. I was extremely impressed to have two (2) mobile devices collected, searched, culled, and exported out in less than 90 minutes! Wow!!!”

— Alex Chatzistamatis
Principal Strategic Solutions Engineer

“ModeOne’s personnel and its unique mobile collection solution provide numerous benefits, but two stand above the rest. First, targeted data collection eases custodians’ and counsel’s concerns about over-collection. Second, the targeted and remote collections reduce cost, and just as importantly, they expedite our time to review the data, often allowing our case teams to start putting eyes on documents within 24 hours after collection.”

— Tye Burger, Esq.  
Senior eDiscovery Manager
Spencer Fane LLP

Security Posture

Security Centric: Data Security is our primary focus at ModeOne. We protect client data by implementing multiple layers of security, high-level encryption, and consistent updates to our data protection solutions to address constantly emerging attack vectors.

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Data stored within our environment is secured using industry standard AES-256, FIPS-140-2 compliant encryption. ModeOne has also taken great steps to ensure that data is encrypted both in transit and at rest using AES-2048 certificate-based ciphers.


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ModeOne continuously monitors the environment to detect vulnerabilities, threats and data breaches long before they turn into serious security issues. Our main focus is on protecting all data by encrypting and maintaining backups as well as employing database versioning techniques to ensure client data is accessible and secure.

Our robust environment features built-in load balancing and layered redundancies to reduce the possibility of unplanned downtime.


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Customizable organization and user level control is built into the platform.


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ModeOne uses ISO27001, SOC, PCI and other common standards, certified datacenters. Certificates of attestation can be provided upon request.


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ModeOne employs third-party experts to routinely perform vulnerability assessments and scanning of our platform and environment.

Reports will be provided upon request during the contract process.

Meet the
Executive Team

ModeOne’s leadership team is composed of experts in digital forensics, data security, litigation lifecycle management, and client delivery systems. Learn how our team sets ModeOne apart as leaders in the evolution of automated digital forensics and related services!

Matthew Rasmussen

Matthew Rasmussen

Founder, CEO & President

Matthew has over two decades of experience implementing cutting-edge technology solutions to navigate complex, high-volume litigation. He has a track record delivering efficiency and cost-certainty to Fortune 500 companies and AmLaw 200 law firms. His expertise covers the broad spectrum of services and requirements in the EDRM. He founded ModeOne to evolve the litigation technology market by creating full-function solutions to modern evidence management problems.

Jason Purviance

Co-Founder & Chief Information Officer

Jason (“JP”) is a seasoned litigation professional who has spent the past 18 years in a variety of in litigation technology roles including Litigation Project Management, Evidence Collections, Processing, Hosting, Productions, IT, and Information Security. Using his expansive area of expertise, Jason is uniquely positioned to design solutions to a variety of client requests and challenges. The holder of numerous technical and project management certifications, he is responsible for Information Security and Infrastructure at ModeOne.

Ryan Frye

Ryan Frye

Chief Innovation Officer

Ryan is tasked with leading the company’s efforts to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and drive innovation in all areas of the business. Leveraging his extensive experience as a court-recognized and certified digital forensics expert, Ryan is uniquely qualified to identify and implement cutting-edge solutions that will optimize client collection and delivery strategies across its global client base. Widely recognized as a leader and expert in his field, Ryan’s expertise in forensic analysis of computers, mobile devices, and web-based platforms will be invaluable in driving ModeOne’s innovation efforts forward.

Micah Rasmussen

VP of US Sales Operations

Micah has over 15 years of experience in business development and sales management.  With a passion for driving revenue growth, optimizing proven sales processes, and fostering high-performance teams, his strategic expertise and leadership skills are invaluable assets to our company.   Featuring his ability to develop and execute strategic sales initiatives, Micah possesses a deep understanding of the sales function and a talent for cultivating and building key client relationships. His unwavering commitment to exceeding revenue objectives has previously earned Micah a well-deserved reputation as a sales leader in the broadband and high technology industries.