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Introduction to ModeOne

ModeOne offers the legal and compliance industries’ first automated, remote solution for targeted collection of smartphone data while simultaneously protecting data privacy and providing eDiscovery grade data security protections.

What Does a Cost-Predictable E-Discovery Solution Look Like?

Electronic Discovery (e-discovery) has, in many ways, opened up the floodgates of evidence in litigation. E-Discovery is a blanket term applied to the disclosure of electronic information and records during the “discovery” phase of litigation when parties are required...

Secret Service Deleted Texts

If you’ve ever watched a movie in which the actor played the part of the President of the United States, you’ve probably noticed he or she was surrounded by men and women in dark suits wearing sunglasses and earpieces.

Key Takeaways from the Alex Jones Cell Phone Debacle

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David Marroso, Esq. and Greg Mazares, Sr.: “Why We Invested in ModeOne”

Combined, two of ModeOne’s startup investors have over 55 years of experience and success in the legal profession.

How Matt Rasmussen and ModeOne Technologies Are Revolutionizing Smartphone Data Discovery

“Collecting, processing, and analyzing data from a mobile phone doesn’t have to be so painful!” In 2017, that’s what Matt Rasmussen and the attorneys he supported at prestigious law firm O’Melveny & Myers kept telling themselves.

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It’s Time to Evolve.

We have entered a new chapter in eDiscovery regarding how our clients conduct and maintain business communications. The global pandemic has led to a dramatic increase in the use of mobile devices (personal and corporate-issued) and videoconferencing collaboration tools such as Zoom, Teams, and Slack. With the resulting proliferation in the use of short-message applications, we recognized that the legal market did not have an efficient, timely or cost-effective means to collect, analyze and produce evidentiary data stored on smartphones. Until now.

What We Do

ModeOne is a self-service (SaaS) framework which empowers our clients to easily manage case facts and obtain and analyze vital evidence stored on smartphone and short-message chat applications using our automated, defensible, secure, and cost-certain workflow.






We offer the litigation profession’s first automated, fully remote data acquisition service with global reach. Now you can acquire your data 25x faster than traditional, labor-intensive collection processes at any time of day and anywhere the device is situated.






You’ll save time and money by collecting only the application data you need, and protect custodian privacy by excluding personal data such as photos, notes, and emails.






Collected data will be available for analysis within hours of the collection, not the customary days or weeks. Parties can respond to inquiries on an expedited basis and with a clear understanding of case facts to meet strict deadlines.






Flat-fee per unit and volume-based subscription fees provide our clients with full budgetary visibility, allowing them to manage case budgets with cost-certainty.






Human Resources, Regulatory, Compliance, and Internal Affairs professionals require short-message data to help them resolve employment issues, satisfy compliance requirements, and assist with internal investigations easily and cost-effectively.






Our team has over 90 years of experience in eDiscovery and litigation technology with particular expertise in enterprise data security, evidence management, and digital forensics.

Security Posture

Security Centric: Data Security is our primary focus at ModeOne. We protect client data by implementing multiple layers of security, high-level encryption, and consistent updates to our data protection solutions to address constantly emerging attack vectors.

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Data stored within our environment is secured using industry standard AES-256, FIPS-140-2 compliant encryption. ModeOne has also taken great steps to ensure that data is encrypted both in transit and at rest using AES-2048 certificate-based ciphers.


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ModeOne continuously monitors the environment to detect vulnerabilities, threats and data breaches long before they turn into serious security issues. Our main focus is on protecting all data by encrypting and maintaining backups as well as employing database versioning techniques to ensure client data is accessible and secure.

Our robust environment features built-in load balancing and layered redundancies to reduce the possibility of unplanned downtime.


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Customizable organization and user level control is built into the platform.


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ModeOne uses ISO27001, SOC, PCI and other common standards, certified datacenters. Certificates of attestation can be provided upon request.


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ModeOne employs third-party experts to routinely perform vulnerability assessments and scanning of our platform and environment.

Reports will be provided upon request during the contract process.

Meet the Team

ModeOne’s leadership team is composed of experts in digital forensics, data security, litigation lifecycle management, and client delivery systems. Learn how our team sets ModeOne apart as leaders in the evolution of automated digital forensics and related services!

Matthew Rasmussen

Founder, CEO & President

Matthew has over two decades of experience implementing cutting-edge technology solutions to navigate complex, high-volume litigation. He has a track record delivering efficiency and cost-certainty to Fortune 500 companies and AmLaw 200 law firms. His expertise covers the broad spectrum of services and requirements in the EDRM. He founded ModeOne to evolve the litigation technology market by creating full-function solutions to modern evidence management problems.

Jason Purviance

Co-Founder & CIO

Jason (“JP”) is a seasoned litigation professional who has spent the past 18 years in a variety of in litigation technology roles including Litigation Project Management, Evidence Collections, Processing, Hosting, Productions, IT, and Information Security. Using his expansive area of expertise, Jason is uniquely positioned to design solutions to a variety of client requests and challenges. The holder of numerous technical and project management certifications, he is responsible for Information Security and Infrastructure at ModeOne.

Ryan Frye

SVP of Forensic Services

Ryan is a court-recognized, certified digital forensics expert responsible for executing complex, high-risk collections and forensics investigations. His expertise is instrumental in design, development, and implementation of global data collection strategy and delivery for ModeOne clients in over 80 countries. Considered a leader and expert in his field, Ryan has been called to consult and testify in legal matters on topics relating to the forensic analysis of computers, mobile devices, and web-based platforms.

Greg Mazares

Executive Chairman

Greg Mazares has over 40 years of experience as a senior executive for public and private corporations in litigation support services and technology; financial services, and consumer products. He currently serves as a M&A advisor for a leading legal services investment bank, an expert consultant to private equity firms focused on the litigation services and technology market, and as a mentor to senior executives and entrepreneurs who work within the industry. He has led the growth and sale of several leading companies within the litigation services industry.