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ModeOne Global Initiative: UK Cloud Buildout Complete

Jun 26, 2024

UK-based Data Center Will Meet Client Demand and Regulatory Requirements

Irvine, CA, June 26, 2024 ModeOne, the leader in targeted, remote mobile forensic collections, today announced the expansion of its services into the United Kingdom via the formation of a UK-based cloud infrastructure. Data that ModeOne collects from mobile phones in the UK and Europe will now be housed in their AWS London data center, signifying the company’s long-term commitment to its clients and market demand for the ModeOne solution at a global level.

This is a significant advancement for existing and future clients who handle international litigation or business cases and need to collect mobile data from custodians housed outside the United States. ModeOne’s UK presence increases data transfer and workflow speed by utilizing a server closer to the source, eliminates concerns for legal risks and data privacy issues of potential exposure across borders, and keeps the data in the UK to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act 2018. This move mitigates legal risks and data privacy concerns associated with cross-border data transfers, ensuring that data remains within the UK and adheres to current and evolving regulatory requirements.

“Prior to this expansion, companies with a European presence faced a long and tedious process to collect data, as custodians outside of the U.S. had to provide consent to send their data to a U.S.-based data center,” said Ryan Frye, chief innovation officer at ModeOne. “Creating UK-specific storage provides our clients with a dual operating infrastructure to ensure they’re easily able to collect the appropriate information they need from both UK and the U.S.-based custodians.”

ModeOne’s solution enables rapid, efficient collection and analysis of data from smartphones for litigators, cybersecurity, corporate compliance, and eDiscovery professionals. It is the only remote collection application on the market that can identify and collect specified types of data directly from smartphones to ensure only the necessary information is collected. Most importantly, it ensures any sensitive data is protected and excluded from the collection. The ability to house UK-specific data in a UK-based cloud infrastructure further enforces this notion of privacy for ModeOne clients.

“Although the UK may be the first targeted remote smartphone collection service deployment outside the United States, we are already underway to deploy the ModeOne framework in AWS data centers around the world including Canada, Germany and other countries to serve our global clients,” said Jason Purviance, chief information officer at ModeOne. “We made investments of time and resources to get us prepared for global expansion, which will set us up for successful implementation in other geographies when the time is right. Our clients are excited for what’s to come.”

“As data from mobile devices has become a predominant source of evidence in both investigation and litigation matters, ModeOne allows us to concisely target specific data sets, ease privacy concerns, and provide a streamlined process to clients, regardless of device type, operating system, or working conditions,” said Joe Martinez, director of forensics & technology at Complete Legal. “Enhancing their product suite with a UK-specific environment will only make our dealings with those customers more rapid and will increase an already positive user experience. ModeOne’s unique platform allows Complete Legal to offer validated and repeatable processes that meet litigatory requirements and offer a user-friendly set of steps to end users, with a more local footprint to our overseas customers.”

“Working with ModeOne has been a game-changer for HaystackID. Their robust and innovative solutions for remote mobile device collections have enabled us to seamlessly work remotely in many jurisdictions across the world, significantly expanding our reach and improving our capabilities,” said John Wilson, chief information security officer and president of forensics at HaystackID. “With their new geo-specific offering it will allow us to service more restrictive regions where the solution must be hosted in-region which allows us to bring our MEDAL services to those clients as well.”

To learn more about ModeOne’s offerings in the US and UK, please visit ModeOne.io


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ModeOne offers the industry’s first automated, truly remote mobile data collection solution for evidentiary, compliance, and/or investigation purposes – with global reach and same-day delivery. Our patented SaaS framework helps clients target, collect, process, and review emerging forms of digital data and short-message chat information quickly, accurately and with cost-certainty.  It is the first and only data collection solution that doesn’t require a physical mobile collection kit or onsite technicians. The data targeting capability protects the privacy of data custodians, and the solution doesn’t require custodians to relinquish their devices or interrupt use of their phones during the collection process. 

ModeOne is a Trusted Partner of the Global EDRM Alliance and a validated technology partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network.  The company supports litigation services providers, law firms, corporations, government entities, law enforcement agencies, and cybersecurity services firms. For more information about ModeOne, visit www.modeone.io or please contact us at info@modeone.io.


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