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June 21, 2023

Matt Rasmussen, Founder and CEO of ModeOne, will join a panel of speakers in an ALM webcast titled: “Future of Litigation: Staying Ahead in a Changing Legal Landscape.” The panel will discuss how newer technologies – especially generative AI – are poised to change the decision-making process and alter litigation outcomes.

With a keen eye on the future, ModeOne is exploring innovative ways to leverage AI technology in the area of short messaging and chat data analytics. He will delve into the exciting possibilities at the intersection of mobile data and AI, including breaking conversation threads into topics, searching across multiple phones and apps, and addressing the challenges posed by deep fakes.

Creating Topic Threads

Generally, mobile collection software collects entire conversation threads (think: all the texts between parties that are accessible by scrolling back). These threads often span several months and invariably cover multiple topics. For instance, a thread may touch upon Topic A, then move to Topic B, and subsequently transition to Topic C, only to follow up with Topic A again. In such instances, the challenge lies in capturing and organizing all conversation segments that pertain to Topic A, regardless of when they occurred within the thread.

This is where AI demonstrates its true power. ModeOne envisions leveraging advanced AI techniques to automatically create topic threads within the SMS conversations. By analyzing the content and context of the messages, AI algorithms can identify and extract all portions of the conversation related to a particular topic. This process ensures that crucial information pertaining to Topic A is seamlessly compiled, regardless of its placement within the overall thread, and saves review time and expense.

Compiling Conversations from Multiple Threads

Beyond parsing out text conversation topics on one custodian’s device, ModeOne is actively envisioning the potential of combining the conversations from multiple custodians to understand the context better. Imagine a scenario where a team has been working on a complex project, and they break into subgroups. Those subgroups communicate among themselves via text about their portion of the project. A compiled view of the conversations from these different phones becomes crucial to comprehensively understanding the matter. Recognizing this need, ModeOne is actively researching solutions for development.

Seamless App Integration

Mobile communication often involves the use of multiple messaging apps, each serving different purposes and offering unique features. Consider a scenario where a custodian communicates primarily through a messaging app like iMessage. However, in certain instances, she opts to use WhatsApp to share a multimedia file. This fragmentation of communication across multiple apps can lead to potential information gaps and challenges for the legal team. ModeOne recognizes the need to unify conversations spanning across different apps and foresees the use of AI help alleviate this issue in the future.

A Glimpse into the Future of Mobile Short Message Data

In the ALM webcast, Rasmussen will share details about ModeOne’s view of the future when AI is tightly integrated into the analysis of mobile data. He foresees that AI algorithms will break conversation threads into topics, compile seemingly unrelated conversations from multiple custodians into storylines, and track conversations as they move across apps. ModeOne sees AI helping to revolutionize electronic discovery.

As APIs advance, the ability to target and analyze data from mobile devices will become even more impactful. With ModeOne’s cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking approach, the future of short messaging and chat data analytics looks brighter than ever.


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