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January 4, 2024

It’s 2024, and all of us at ModeOne wish you a very happy, safe and productive New Year! As we usher in a new chapter at ModeOne Technologies, we take this opportunity to reflect on the past year, looking forward to helping corporations, law firms, government entities, and eDiscovery and data forensics services partners respond to litigation, compliance, and investigation demands and obligations.

ModeOne joined the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) Trusted Partner Network in 2023, where we proudly connect, network, and contribute to the global e-discovery community. Through EDRM projects and events, our goal is to add to the EDRM community of knowledgeable, multidisciplinary professionals and build resources to enhance e-discovery, privacy, security and information governance frameworks, processes, and standards. As a member of the EDRM Global Advisory Council, Matthew Rasmussen, Founder and CEO at ModeOne, committed “to sharing ModeOne’s unique perspectives and expertise and working together to shape the future of e-discovery and information governance.”

HaystackID, a specialized e-discovery services firm, and ModeOne formed a strategic partnership for remote collection of Apple iOS and Google Android devices. The partnership forges ModeOne and HaystackID technologies into MEDAL (Mobile Elite Discovery Analysis Lab) – Remote service. The combined technologies assist cyber, information governance, and e-discovery professionals in law firms and legal departments in identifying and analyzing digital information from mobile devices for evidentiary, compliance, and investigation purposes. MEDAL – Remote supports unlocking and complete file system extractions from iOS and Android devices, allowing access into previously restricted mobile device areas regardless of location. 

Exterro, a provider of legal governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software to in-house legal teams at Global 2000 and Am Law 200 organizations, and ModeOne launched a strategic partnership, allowing Exterro customers access to ModeOne’s smartphone framework OEM. With ModeOne OEM access, Exterro customers can quickly target business-related data stored on Apple iOS and Android smartphones. Under the new partnership, ModeOne can import data collected remotely from iOS and Android smartphones and import it into Exterro’s e-discovery and FTK products, including Exterro Legal Hold, Exterro E-Discovery Data Management, Exterro Review, and Exterro FTK Enterprise. The new partnership uses a cloud framework to:

  • Remove the need for physical collection kits;
  • Deliver defensible e-discovery processes for remote collections; and 
  • Eliminate high-volume requirements.

Combining Exterro and ModeOne provides legal teams faster access to the facts of a matter on a cost-predictable basis.

ModeOne also addressed the many challenges attorneys and legal departments face when collecting data for legal holds, corporate compliance, and investigations from Android phones, which comprised just under 71 percent of the global market share of mobile devices in 2023. “For decades, Android smartphone collections have been the most difficult data sources for lawyers and examiners to collect,” said Ryan Frye, ModeOne’s Chief Innovation Officer.

ModeOne Android 2.0 supports new features and capabilities to help transform data collection on Android devices from a tedious, expensive burden to an efficient, scalable, and affordable process, including:

  • A cable-free collection process via Wi-Fi or cellular network that protects custodian privacy rights;
  • The ability to collect data from various Android devices that utilize Rich Communication Services (RCS) technology;
  • A Collection Progress Dashboard with a detailed view into the number and types of data collected, showing the percentage of completion achieved throughout the process; and
  • Functions to target the collection of photos using an automated or user-driven process, enabling the targeted collection of pictures and videos.

Doug Austin’s eDiscoveryToday and ModeOne embarked on an educational partnership to collaborate and educate legal professionals on how to efficiently navigate the challenges of mobile device data collections and meet the needs of corporations, outside counsel, government agencies, and service providers. The new partnership will “help educate the broad legal community on enhancements in technology and processes necessary to dramatically improve all areas of service delivery in the growing area of smartphone data discovery,” said Micah Rasmussen, Vice President of Sales Operations at ModeOne.

Indeed, smartphone evidence is becoming the new smoking gun in criminal matters and civil litigation. In the new era of remote work at scale, organizations can use ModeOne’s automated framework to get to the facts fast and securely manage information, protect confidential and privileged access, collaborate effectively to be efficient and productive, and adhere to the increasingly complex demands of security and data privacy frameworks.  It features same-day service, anywhere in the world, without the need for a physical collection kit or onsite technicians.  We are grateful to our clients, our talented staff, our investors, and our respected competitors, all of whom motivate us each day to perform at our very best!