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ModeOne Announces Relativity Integration Application to Streamline Mobile Device Collections

Jan 18, 2024

Irvine, CA, January 18, 2024 ModeOne, the leader in remote mobile forensics collection, today announced the launch of its ModeOne Relativity Integration Application, which provides unprecedented precision in the remote collection of mobile device data for litigation and investigations, and directly exports the collected data into a designated Relativity workspace. The new innovation prevents overcollection by targeting specific data types and eliminates the need to have your custodians’ private, non-relevant data available for analysis.  Customers can utilize the ModeOne Relativity Integration Application via a 12-month exclusive distribution and services partnership with HaystackID, Cimplifi, and Purpose Legal.

The ModeOne Relativity Integration Application enables rapid and efficient collection and analysis of data from smartphones for litigators, M&A professionals, corporate compliance professionals, and eDiscovery professionals. It is the only remote collections application on the market that can identify and collect specified types of data – e.g., text messages, WhatsApp – directly off the smartphone device to ensure that only the information relevant to the matter at hand is collected, and that sensitive personal data is protected and excluded from the collection. 

Most important, the application is also the only product capable of automatically migrating and importing the mobile device data for attorney review directly into Relativity, reducing the customary discovery timeline from weeks to hours. Custodians are not required to relinquish their phones and can continue using them during the collection process.

“Our customers have been telling us the industry is not meeting their demands for smartphone data discovery, that the process is too invasive and time-consuming,” said Matt Rasmussen, CEO of ModeOne. “To address these customer pain points, we developed the Relativity Integration Application and joined forces with three leading legal services providers to make it more broadly available. The new application significantly reduces the number of steps involved in the collection process, the amount of data collected, the time it takes to perform them, and the associated costs – all while allowing custodians to keep and utilize their phones during the collection process.” 

The ModeOne Relativity Integration Application interacts with the ModeOne API to streamline smartphone data exports, automatically migrating the collected data to RelativityOne or RelativityServer, and directly importing it through a Relativity Processing Set. 

“ModeOne allows us to quickly and efficiently collect data for our clients’ mobile devices,” said Ari Perlstein, CTO of Cimplifi. “It also allows us to easily filter at the time of collection, something the market is demanding and other software companies haven’t been able to do.” 

“In a rapidly evolving digital era, the integration and analysis of mobile data are critical to the success of legal investigations and proceedings. HaystackID is at the forefront of this transformation with the introduction of our Mobile Elite Discovery and Analysis Lab offerings,” said John Wilson, Chief Information Security Officer and President of Forensics of HaystackID. “By harnessing ModeOne technology, we are also setting new industry standards for efficiency and precision in mobile data handling.”

“As an early adopter of the ModeOne technology, Purpose Legal has reaped the benefits of the significant mobile device data collection advancements that their team has made available to both service providers and end-clients,” said Kris Taylor, President and Chief Innovation Officer of Purpose Legal. “Frankly, when faced with challenges surrounding BYOD, custodian privacy concerns and hair-on-fire discovery deadlines, it’s clear that their product stands out uniquely in its field.”

For more information about ModeOne, visit https://modeone.io/ 

About ModeOne

ModeOne offers the industry’s first automated, truly remote mobile data collection solution for evidentiary, compliance, and/or investigation purposes – with global reach and same-day delivery! Our patented SaaS framework helps clients target, collect, process, and review emerging forms of digital data and short-message chat information quickly, accurately and with cost-certainty.  It is the first and only data collection solution that doesn’t require a physical mobile collection kit or onsite technicians. The data targeting capability protects the privacy of data custodians, and the solution doesn’t require custodians to relinquish their devices or interrupt use of their phones during the collection process. 

ModeOne is a Trusted Partner of the Global EDRM Alliance and a validated technology partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network.  The company supports litigation services providers, law firms, corporations, government entities, law enforcement agencies, and cybersecurity services firms. For more information about ModeOne, visit www.modeone.io or please contact us at info@modeone.io.

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