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May 8, 2024

ModeOne announced the latest release of its ModeOne Framework in May. The modular framework is AWS-certified software backed by the company’s partnership in the AWS Partner network. The framework now supports mobile data collection from new iOS apps, new features and capabilities in ModeOne Android, developments in ModeOne Collection Utility for iOS, and significant improvements in the Web User Interface (Web UI) to review Facebook Messenger chats and photos and videos from Android and iOS device photo galleries.


Facebook Messenger on iOS

The new release features the availability of Facebook Messenger chats for presentation in the Web UI and Exports. Like Facebook chats, ModeOne also collects and presents Text Messages, WhatsApp and WeChat messages in the Web UI.

Collected data is available for analysis within hours of collection, not days or weeks. Parties can respond to inquiries in an expedited manner and with a clear understanding of case facts to meet strict deadlines in litigation or investigation.


Photo & Video Gallery on Android and iOS

The new release features the availability of Photos and Videos collected from Android and iOS device photo galleries for presentation in the Web UI and Exports. Users can now review targeted photo gallery collections and quickly decide if any images or videos are relevant for attorney review.

The latest release of the ModeOne Framework supports the remote, targeted collection of 22 iOS applications, including original source data collected in raw format. Users can now toggle the inclusion of raw files on or off when they set up a collection workflow for Apple iOS devices. Raw files include the underlying SQLite and PList files that you can export from ModeOne to other forensic tools that support the raw data format. ModeOne’s goal is to release new iOS app support each month.

The company’s targeted collection allows you to capture only what you need, ensuring the privacy of custodians. By collecting only the data within the scope of a litigation, investigation, or discovery request, you reduce the burden, time, and expense of collection and minimize the time and cost necessary to upload the data to the cloud to process, review, and produce it.

The ModeOne Framework quickly processes device data for review or export. It scales resources up and down according to demand, automatically managing individual resources for peak performance and assigning separate agents to each job to guarantee the best scaling efficiency. The company continues to improve its queue management system in each release. Stay tuned as the company gears up to expand outside the US later this quarter.