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May 14, 2024

The latest release of the ModeOne Framework continues the e-discovery software provider’s focus on reducing the smartphone collection burden on custodians, protecting their privacy and time. ModeOne’s patented, modular SaaS framework brings new developments in version 3.3 of the ModeOne Collection Utility (MCU), support for Apple iOS 17.5, and two exciting new features: device early release and force a retry for a missed passcode entry.

Device Early Release

For corporate executives and key employees, smartphones can potentially increase productivity at work with various tools and applications that access information and assist with communication, such as email, messaging apps, social media, calendars, tasks, and deadlines. However, if their smartphones become relevant to litigation or investigations, employees may have to do without them for days or weeks while data is collected. That can hamper productivity and their ability to communicate with colleagues, attend meetings, and take necessary action.

ModeOne collects smartphone data in a fraction of the time compared to other industry solutions that can take up to 2-3 weeks. And unlike other solutions, custodians can continue to use their smartphones while ModeOne collects data. With the new updates to the MCU, ModeOne has continued to reduce its smartphone collection times by an additional 25%.

The ModeOne Collection Utility for iPhones uses a software agent on a PC or Mac to collect iOS and third-party app data. When the agent completes the collection, the smartphone is released back to the custodian while it continues to verify the collection and transmit the data to ModeOne’s cloud storage for processing and review in the Web UI.

Complementing MCU’s early release function, ModeOne’s targeted collection also allows you to capture only what you need, ensuring the privacy of custodians and saving them more time. Using date-range and participant filtering techniques, ModeOne collects only the data within the scope of a litigation, investigation, or discovery request.

Device Early Release and advanced filtering methods work to reduce the burden, time, and expense of data collection and minimize the time and cost necessary to upload the data to the cloud to process, review, and produce it. You preserve a custodian’s privacy by leaving personal files that are not involved in the litigation or investigation on the smartphone.

Force Retry When Passcode Entry Missed

During iOS data collection, if the custodian or technician does not see a PIN request, the MCU will ask for it several times, delaying collection. With the April release of the ModeOne Framework, user notifications are more visible, so they can see when a PIN is required. The MCU also has a Retry Now option to force the app to try the PIN again without waiting for a time interval to request it automatically.

ModeOne’s patented SaaS framework offers the first and only remote solution for the same-day collection of targeted data from Apple iOS and Android mobile devices for evidentiary, compliance, and investigation purposes. Anywhere in the world. Without the need for a physical collection kit or onsite forensics personnel. With the latest ModeOne Framework, same-day collections are complete in minutes and hours.