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ModeOne Announces Industry-First Participant Filtering Feature

Jan 24, 2024

Irvine, CA, January 24, 2024 ModeOne, the leader in remote mobile forensics data collection, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking Participant Filtering feature, which provides the ability to selectively target and extract specific text message conversations from Apple and Android mobile devices for litigation compliance and investigation purposes. Forensics and legal professionals can now materially reduce the volume of data collected from smartphones for review while proactively protecting custodian privacy.

The Participant Filtering capability is the first in the market to allow precise targeting of specific text conversations, protecting custodian privacy and drastically improving the relevance and efficiency of smartphone data collection in legal proceedings. It is uniquely compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones, ensuring wide applicability and ease of use for legal and forensics professionals dealing with diverse data sources.

“This technology is a game-changer for forensic and legal professionals, enhancing their ability to gather relevant information quickly and accurately from a data type notorious for being extremely challenging,” said Matt Rasmussen, CEO of ModeOne. “The precise targeting of text messages is a unique feature that no other company offers and has the potential to revolutionize data collection from smartphones.”

Participant Filtering simplifies the eDiscovery process, significantly reducing the time and costs associated with sifting through large volumes of data, making it a cost-effective solution. Compared to typical data collection processes, users can experience 50% faster data collection speeds and – because the volume of collected data is much smaller – a 90% faster end-to-end process from smartphone data collection to review.

“With Participant Filtering, we’re not only advancing legal technology, but redefining how custodian privacy is maintained”, said Ryan Frye, Chief Innovation Officer at ModeOne. “This feature is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative solutions that respect the balance between data collection needs and privacy and convenience concerns.”

ModeOne is the first and only targeted data collection solution that doesn’t require a physical mobile collection kit or onsite technicians. The new data targeting capability protects the privacy of data custodians and allows custodians to retain and use their devices during the collection process. 

“ModeOne’s collection tools mark some of the biggest technological leaps forward we have witnessed in the industry in a long time,” said Simon Varley, Director of Digital Forensics at Purpose Legal. “With the pre-acquisition participant filter, cellphone data collections can now be completed quickly and precisely with a scalpel instead of a hatchet.”

For more information about the participant filtering capabilities, visit https://modeone.io/ 

About ModeOne

ModeOne offers the industry’s first automated, truly remote mobile data collection solution for evidentiary, compliance, and/or investigation purposes – with global reach and same-day delivery! Our patented SaaS framework helps clients target, collect, process, and review emerging forms of digital data and short-message chat information quickly, accurately and with cost-certainty.  It is the first and only data targeted data collection solution that doesn’t require a physical mobile collection kit or onsite technicians. The data targeting capability protects the privacy of data custodians, and the solution doesn’t require custodians to relinquish their devices or interrupt use of their phones during the collection process. 

ModeOne is a Trusted Partner of the Global EDRM Alliance and a validated technology partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network.  The company supports litigation services providers, law firms, corporations, government entities, law enforcement agencies, and cybersecurity services firms. For more information about ModeOne, visit www.modeone.io or please contact us at info@modeone.io.

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