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May 10, 2024

The newest release of the modular ModeOne Framework came out with new features and capabilities in the ModeOne Android App. The company aims to revolutionize data collection from a cumbersome and costly task to a streamlined, scalable, and cost-effective operation.

The Android App offers direct access to mobile devices over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. ModeOne’s collection software for Android forensics works directly on Android smartphones and does not require you to enter developer mode or another insecure phone setting to collect data.

Updates to the Android App include a comprehensive resume feature for instances when the device experiences a power loss or some other unforeseen interruption. The AWS-certified software maker also upgraded its job manager to support multi-threading, resulting in a 25% faster upload completion rate. It also added date and participant filtering to customize data collection by date range and select SMS/MMS participants.

Participant Filtering

ModeOne designed its cloud-based framework to retrieve specific or selected data from smartphones. Its groundbreaking Participant Filtering feature allows selective targeting and extracting specific text message conversations from Android mobile devices for litigation compliance and investigations.

The Participant Filtering capability allows precise targeting of specific text conversations, protecting custodian privacy and drastically improving the relevance and efficiency of smartphone data collection in legal proceedings. It is uniquely compatible with Android smartphones, ensuring broad applicability and ease of use for legal and forensics professionals with diverse data sources.

By filtering out unnecessary and irrelevant participants, forensics and legal professionals can materially reduce the volume of data collected from smartphones to only what is necessary for review while proactively protecting custodian privacy by avoiding the collection of personal and private information that is out of scope.

Resume Collecting After Interruptions

The ModeOne Android App can resume a collection and upload it after the device is interrupted by a power or network outage.

The ModeOne job manager on Android now continues a collection where it leaves off after a disconnect. Start the phone or reconnect the network and open the app, and it starts where it left off. While the app collects and transmits data, you can gain an in-depth analysis of the collection process using the Collection Progress Dashboard.

The Collection Progress Dashboard displays comprehensive statistics on the number and types of data captured by the Android App, showing the collection status in a real-time percentage completed view.

The Android App data collection supports an expanded range of Android devices using RCS technology, a cutting-edge messaging protocol introduced by Google, delivering advanced features such as real-time chat, high-definition multimedia sharing, and group messaging and offering a more secure alternative to traditional SMS messaging.

Continuing ModeOne’s aim to make the collection a positive experience for custodians, the Android App lets you choose between an automated collection or a user-directed, targeted collection of photos and videos, including that media in the trash and hidden folders.

The ModeOne Framework is a patented remote, automated smartphone data collection technology in a modular software-as-a-service (SaaS) framework that empowers users to collect only the information responsive to litigation, compliance initiatives, or investigations. It helps legal professionals manage case facts and obtain and analyze vital evidence stored on smartphones and short-message chat applications using an automated, defensible, secure, and cost-certain workflow to make a collection a positive, privacy-protected experience for custodians.